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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about custom-imprinting your logo on SUN COMPANY products:

What is the minimum order quantity for custom-imprinting SUN COMPANY outdoor products?

We’ll add your logo and message with an order for 96 units or more.

What is typical lead-time for a custom-imprinted job?

We often can complete a custom-imprinted job within one to two weeks after receiving payment and approved art proof. If needed, production can be expedited to just a few days (additional fees may apply).

What is the set-up charge for custom-imprinting?

There is no set-up charge.

With what colors can I have my logo imprinted?

On light-colored substrates, we can match virtually any Pantone color, or any color swatch you provide.  On our dark-colored products, we suggest white ink, for best readability.

Can you imprint more than one color?

On many SUN products we can imprint one, two, or three spot colors.

Can I mix products to reach the 96-unit minimum for custom-imprinting?

In some cases, this is possible, although with most products we regret we can’t combine for quantity.  Some items that can be combined:  (A) Various styles of Zip-o-gage (Original, Neon, LumaZip, etc.), (B) Various styles of Therm-o-compass (Original, Birchwood, etc.), (C) MiniComp and MiniComp II.  (D)  Can combine various styles of WildLight animal flashlights or LifeLight animal flashlights.

Questions about SUN products:

I have questions about how my SUN altimeter/barometer works.  How can I find answers?

Please visit the Product Instructions page on this website for helpful links about your SUN altimeter/barometer.

I need to know how TempaComp™ or ZiprComp™ (SUN ball compasses) work.  How can I find answers?

Please visit the Product Instructions page on this website for helpful links about TempaComp and ZiprComp.

I have questions on how my SUN TrekLINQ pedometer or HikeLINQ 2 pedometer work.  Where can I find instructions for those SUN products?

Please visit our Product Instructions page on this website for links to those instruction sheets.

Where are your products made?

Nearly all SUN products are made in the USA, assembled in the USA, or final-assembled in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in Colorado.

What is the lead-time for standard SUN products (without custom imprint)?

We strive to maintain inventory of all our standard products, so we can usually ship within one or two days.

What is your product warranty?

We offer a limited warranty on our products for one year from date of purchase.  For more details, please contact us at

Where can I buy SUN products in stores?

Please contact us at with information on the products you’re interested in, and we’ll try to link you to a retailer in your area.  In addition, a number of our products are available online at,, and at many other Active Outdoor retailers.

Questions about becoming a SUN retailer or distributor:

How can I open a wholesale account with SUN COMPANY?

Please contact our General Manager, Alissa Neeley at  She will gather some information and promptly set up a qualifying wholesale account.

Do you sell outside the USA?

We sell to many wholesale customers outside the USA.  In fact, approximately 20% of our sales are to customers overseas.  And we can even ship relatively small orders abroad.  However we regret that we are unable to sell to individuals outside the USA and Canada.