Inclinometers and Tilt Gauges

Lev O Gage BR

stock #: 9535-I

  • Made in USA
  • Jumbo 15.6" inclinometer with big, easy to read numerals
  • Oversize (1" dia.) tough borosilicate glass tube is cushion-mounted and fully sealed

  • High-visibility Saturn yellow tube assembly - perfect for low-light conditions
  • Ball travels smoothly in special damping fluid
  • No pendulum to hang up
  • Easy to install; just 2 screws needed - Recommended drill locations engraved in housing
  • UV Resistant, shock resistant, heat resistant ABS housing
  • Readable from front or below
  • Left-hand (BL) and right-hand (BR) models - read from either side of boom

  • Many Custom Options Including:
  • Special paint colors to denote Safe/Caution/Alert zones
  • Custom-drilled mounting holes to your specifications (note that recommended mounting-hole locations are engraved in front of housing, standard)
  • Your custom-imprinted logo or special message on housing
  • Glow-in-the-dark tube-assembly and lower scale
  • Please contact us for further details

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